Tuesday, April 15, 2008


We meet AGAIN!!! Yes, I know..I am sorry..Missed MONDAY's edition into the blog..XD...OK, so here is the deal. Every Monday, I have English Language and Debating Society meeting after school until 3.10p.m. Then, I have to go to BM tuition at 4.30 and then continue on for physics at the same place until 10 p.m. In other words, I spend like 1 hour at home on Mondays...Because it takes 20 minutes to travel from school to home..from home to tuition....get it? SO I WANT TO MAKE AN OFFICIAL DECLARATION THAT I CAN'T MAKE MONDAY POSTS!!

Now, moving on, lets start with what happened on Monday...

School was yet again extremely empty and ungratifying....but after school ended was when the FUN began. I had ELDS meeting ( OH,IT'S ON WEDNESDAY TOO!!) and our beloved President decided to have a FEAST to celebrate our victory in the Rotary's...There was chocolate cake..which we didn't cut but instead STABBED>>>LOL!! There was this weird but delicious "jeruk" and there were CHIPS!! and also, orange juice..OOOO..and Cloud 9 and Apollo!!!

As big as our appetite was, we dug in..relentlessly and savagely..and we ALMOST finished it ALL OFF!! Then, rushed back home, and got ready for BM tuition..which was quite interesting...We learnt about a weird story named " Don't Catch the Butterflies" * if translated to English...

Physics, was again, very, very, very, long..but this class I actually liked. I mean, it wasn't terribly bad..I actually understood what was being taught..SO it was OK..but then again, it still DID end at 10p.m and that really sucked..By the time you reach home had your shower, dinner, and's already 11p.m and you still have school HOMEWORK to do!!

NOw, onto Tuesday...Hehehe...SUCKS AGAIN!!! Accouts tuition at 3.30..until 5.30..then Chemistry tuition from 6 to 7.30...Another day with 2 tuitions in a row....And seriously, this time I was LITERALLY LOOSING MY HAIR!!! I wore a white t-shirt to tuition, and my friends were picking up strands of hair from my collar!! That was scary S**T!! But atleast....CHEMISTRY WAS FREAKING INTERESTING!!

Sighzzz....My speech for my Sunway Public Speaking competition is we speak..there is not a single word in my Microsoft Word application....and I think it's time I get started...

Cheerio for now...

KrizTheWizKid a.k.a GoingToBeBald

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Finally!!, I thought to myself, I have stumbled upon a day where I ACTUALLY have time to focus on my homework!!
Woke up in the morning at about 7a.m and got ready for Public Speaking training in Pologround...YES!! IN PUBLIC!!! Thats the whole purpose of it, isn't it?
Either ways, after training for about 3 hours or so under the blazing sun *feel roasted now* , I finally managed to get back home and prepared myself to face the 6 tons of homework that had piled up over the past few weeks.
After lunch, decided to get cracking...and believe wasn't easy...
Doing homework was something i have "forgotten" how to do!! xD ..In other words, it's not exactly the most pleasurable thing in the world...
So, I went to my trusty whiteboard and penned down all the work I had to complete...
Now, if each one of those tasks took 10 minutes to finish, then 7 wouldn't be that big of a here's the catch..
ALL the work I had to do atleast took 45 minutes!!
I had accounts work which is superbly tedious
I had add-maths homework ( I don't think I EVEN NEED to explain )
I had physics tuition work
I had chemistry tuition work
I had a "rumusan" to finish and also corrections to make for my BM
I had to write a Sports Day report for THE IPOH ECHO
AND!!! if that wasn't enough...I had to clean the HOUSE!!!

So I think you get the point...I didn't actually HAVE a SUNDAY!! or even a DAY!!
All I did was flood myself in work, which is something I am used to...Honestly though,homework is something that can deviate your mind from the troubles of life, the incompetence of the Malaysian Education system, the incompetence of our school teachers, the inability of the government to practice EQUALITY and TRANSPARENCY...
LOL!! Too DEEP? Nah..It's just the Truth

Thats all for now....

KrizTheWizKid a.k.a LosingHair..Signing OUT!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008


So, woke up at 4...
Not exactly something new...but something more to the painful side...
Just found out something interesting....
Usually, I sleep like a mummy...Every single time I sleep late, I sleep with a straight body, and wake up with a straight body...Just like a mummy...


If I ever sleep early, like last night...around 10 p.m...
I woke up in the morning and my head was facing the opposite side...
My alarm clock was on the floor...
My hand was hanging outside my bed!!!
HAD I BEEN RAPED?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Just kidding...My pants were still on when I woke up...

SO, it's 4 a.m...and you are the only one at home who is awake..

What do you do?
In my case, I needed a serious dose of WAKE UP AND GET IN THE SHOWER!!!
Thus, I walked right to the fridge, and did the most unhealthy thing a person can do at 4 a.m..other than sniff drugs at a back-alley and spread AIDS,

After a good dose of cold, carbonated, caffein, I headed to my shower and got ready for the day...A LONG DAY AT SUNWAY COLLEGE...
I reached the bus stop in front of A.C.S at exactly 4.55 a.m, and suprisingly enough, I was pumped up...Until I realised that one of my friends was running late...
SO we waited..and waited...and waited...until it was 5.15 and I almost fell asleep, when suddenly from across the road,
dashed a small, round headed alien...
funnily enough this alien was wearing a blue blazer and only then did I realize it was the other missing FRIEND!!
We left Ipoh immediately, and the journey was nothing but tiresome!!! IT took us THREE , nerve-wrecking hours to get to the Subang toll, where one of our acquaintances, guided us to Sunway College...

The talk wasn't anything much really..Mrs.Jagjeet Singh was the name of the speaker, and she pretty much told us everything we already knew...

It was something for those who had never been exposed to public speaking.
The interesting thing was, the moment she entered the hall, they started playing a Malay SONG!! and she started dancing...and we the students, taken aback and not knowing what to do...just stood up and clapped along...
All the while, she was standing down the stage, cracking out dance moves and SYOK SENDIRI!! LOL!! It was hilarious...
Later on, we ....WALKED...Yes...WE WALKED....We DROVE 3 hours all the way from Ipoh, and...they ask us to WALK!!
Seriously, she asked us all to get up and walk around the lecture theatre and it was.....LAME!!! with a GIANT "L"!!!

After the whole ordeal ended, found out that I was going to be taking part in a public speaking competition on the 26th...

4-minute Prepared " The Challenge"
and 3-minute Impromptu

On the way back, couldn't help but fall asleep, after having K.F.C at Sungai Buloh Overhead Bridge, I took the liberty of dozing off all the way...LoL!!!

Now, the only thing I can think off is the simple problem of facing another public speaking competition, which is 2 days before ANOTHER public speaking competition on the 28th..The one on the 28th is the important one though...As it is Inter-Zone...

Well, dinner's ready, and so is my I guess this ends it for today..

KrizTheWizKid a.k.a Walk,Sing and Dance

Friday, April 11, 2008

4 A.M ?!?!?

Its FRIDAY!!! Yaaa...? NOT!! SIghzz...I look forward to most Fridays. I mean, the ever-nearing weekends, the simple knowledge that there is no school the day after, add-maths tuition in the afternoon...It's all very comforting..but today, it isn't.Simply because tomorrow, I have to wake up at 4!! a.m and be in school by 5!! a.m so my debate team and I, in addition of another student, can all carpool our way to SUNWAY college to attend a Public Speaking Workshop..SIGHZ!!

My mother is already pestering me to start sleeping early, but if I know myself well enough, I just cant sleep early, sometimes even if it's extremely late, and it's a school day, I still cant sleep..Maybe it's because I am always thinking about stuff, or maybe just because I have some kind of biological problem, but most probably it's because this tedious and nonsensical education system has permanently damaged my sleep CYCLE!!!

Nevertheless, tomorrow is SUNWAY day, and the Saturday after, I have to go there again for COMPETITION!! SIghzz..missing classes and stuff to attend this thing, but I know it's important for my TRAINING!!

Next round for my public speaking competition is Inter-Zone...Am i ready? I truly don't know, but based on my principles, you can never be ready enough..

Something extremely IRRITATING happened in school today..IT IS FRIDAY and the Juniors from the Junior English Language and Debating Society are supposed to come in for their first training session in public speaking..Nothing much, just some basic stuff like building guts to speak and stuff..PROBLEM IS..the lower secondary teacher COMPLETELY FORGOT and my and my training partner were left waiting FOR ONE DAMN HOUR!! Added to that, I ran like four times around the school to look for him and still couldn't find THAT MAN!! My entire school shirt was DRENCHED in sweat and my hair was messed-up!!

Sighzz...Long day, gonna be longer tomorrow as usual...
THats all for now..Ciaooozz...

KrizTheWizKid a.k.a SleepLateWakeUpEarly

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Signature Hunts and History... =.=

SighzzzZZzz... Its Thursday...Yeah..The day that sounds the ugliest and is just as ugly in least in my life..

Honestly speaking, today has been a little less stressful then days before, but nevertheless demanding..Finally started my Signature HUNT for the Prefectorial BOard, reluctantly ofcourse. For those who want to know, I really dislike being pushed around and humiliated for filial reasons, and the PREFECTORIAL BOARD Signature Hunt is just that. Not just do they ask you to do the most ridiculous things, such as proposing marriage, dancing, singing, rapping songs, and so on...they also have the right to tear your Signature Hunt books to SHREDS!!

How nasty is that...Thats why I told myself, if it gets a little obnoxious, I will stop...TOday, a friend of mine actually had his Signature BOok torn..Now, to those who don't know, a signature hunt book takes A LOT OF TIME to prepare..
First, you need to make sure you separate all the EXCO's into a separate book
Second, you need to pain-stakingly ensure that all the names are SUPER-ACCURATE..meaning surname, grand-fathers name, pets name, ancestors name included...Lolx..Was joking after the "surname" part...

Anywayz, to have your book torn is like tearing hours of homework..because you have to sacrifice hours of homework to prepare the book..GET WHAT I MEAN!!

Fortunately, I managed to get 16 signatures so far F.O.C!!! Awesome!! But luck can only bring you so far... :-(

Today, went to History and BM tuition...Learned about Ancient Education systems among other stuff that BORES me to DEATH!! the only reason I survive history is because of my memory!!

Thats it for now I guess..still got tonnes of add-maths homework to finish....
Kudos for now..

KrizTheWizKid a.k.a ThePuppetMaster..Signing OUT! ;-)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

O.O WE WON!?!?! O.O

This blog actually seems to nice..Matter of fact,very nice. Hmm..Let me see, my guess is that a blog is basically supposed to be an equivalent of a diary, but online,
and a little more liberal! So here I go!!

There are a few interesting things that have happened to me in the past few days,
things i thought will never happen...and DID!!!

Our first debate circuit ever, the Rotary Debates, started out with us,
A.C.S going against Main Convent. Now the Rotary Club Annual Debate is something that is highly publicized and looked forward to. As it was our first professional debate ever,
adding to the fact that my team and I were all merely 16 year olds, and that we only went through 2 months of training,
we pretty much had the worst case of nerves ever!!! To overcome it, we all took a simple dose of FOCUS, Random CRIES OF MOTIVATION, and delusion.
After all that, my team of Greenhorn debaters, consisting of myself, Jagraj Singh, and Wai Keong, took our cue cards, and sat opposite the Main Convent debaters, as the Proposition, for the motion, Mass Tourism Brings More Problems than Benefits.
After a full hour of debating and arguing and throwing frowns at each other, WE EMERGED AS WINNERS!!! was only the FIRST round...


Alright, the first debate was over...ONTO the 2nd ROUND!!
Now, this is where the battle heated up to HELLFIRE temperatures.
A battle of emotional and intellectual strife,
a battle of sibling schools!!
ACS vs. MGS!!!
We, like I mentioned earlier, were worried..WE were going up against an all FORM 5 TEAM!!! and rumours said..they had a trump card..their 1st speaker..
Immediately, WE again took refuge behind FOCUS, random SCREAMS OF MOTIVATION, and DELUSION!!
We were again, the proposition, for the motion, Traditional Exams are Not The Best Means to Asses Students Potential
Advantage? NOT!!!
We were thinking like the opposition, what would we do...and we thought of things that would have been lethal...IF WE HAD BEEN THE OPPOSITION!!
Fortunately, the MGS debaters didn' t think of it..
Most might think the debate would have been the best part, but, truthfully, it was after the debate that took us by storm!!
When it was open to the audience, we, the ACS team, took a lot of criticism from the MEMBERS OF THE FLOOR!!!
Some of the criticism was obviously rebuttable,
but there was NO ONE to defend the integrity of my team,
so..I DID IT!! and it was hillarious...
But it got to the level that after I actually rebutted all the criticism..some didn't like it!! THEY REFUSED THAT THEIR HURTING COMMENTS BE REBUTTED..
If that was not enough, there was this "auntie"..I would just call her "auntie" in this case as I have no idea what her name is...
It seems that her daughter was in the opposition debate team and somewhere during the debate, I said something "MEAN"?!?!
MEAN?!?!?! :-o!!! IT was a debate...DON'T EXPECT ME TO GO ALL SOFT ON YOU!!!
But nevertheless, she told that one of our facts, which was that Winston Churchill was a school drop-out, WAS WRONG!! because he went to OXFORD UNIVERSITY!! At that moment we really didn't care about it...
After we had WON the debate, I seeked her out among the MASSES, JUST SO I COULD APOLOGIZE...I said,"NO personal attacks auntie, I didn't mean anything against your daughter" AND ALL OF A SUDDEN!! SHE THREATENED ME!!!
Not wanting to sound abrasive, I merely said " I will keep that in mind the next time..."
I went back home...and found out, that Winston Churchill WAS A SCHOOL DROP-OUT, and that he NEVER went to OXFORD UNIVERSITY!!! He went to the ROYAL MILITARY COLLEGE,SANDHURST!!! and the only reason the "auntie" actually said he went to OXFORD was because, he was BORN IN OXFIRDSHIRE!!!
I was threatened and embarrassed based on WRONG FACTS!!!
Thats soo UNFAIR!!!


Alright!! It's the first time in 6 years that A.C.S reached the FINALS!! AND it felt amazing!! We were going against our arch-enemies..St.Michaels!! They have been winning 2 years in a row, and this time, they have their MAIN LINE-UP!!! All FIFTH FORMERS!!! With 2 years training on their side, stacked up against the 2 months of training on our side....WE truly had a monumental task ahead of us!!
It was like what everyone said..A CLASH OF THE TITANS!!!
and what a clash it was!!!
The motion was " Youths Today Have Too Much Freedom"
Our supporters were out-numbered by the St.Micheal's supporters. Although it had been such a long time since we had reached the finals, the number of supporters from A.C.S were little...Fortunately though, many others from Other schools were vouching for us!! and we were humbled by their support...
When the debates began, we immediately realised that this was going to be one hell of a fight to the finish...
Being out-numbered in terms of support, out-weighed in terms of experience, we really thought we had lost it!! BUt then we realised, we WEREN'T OUT-GUNNED!!!
The judge came up to the rostrum...and said it was a majority decision..not one that was unanimous..and they had cracked their heads figuring out the WINNER...
In my sometimes pessimistic head, I said to myself " Well, at least we gave them ONE HELL OF A RUN FOR THEIR MONEY!!"
and so we waited..for the moment of truth...the first syllable to come out of the Chief Judges mouth...
Was it going to be an S?
or Was it going to be an A?
We waited...
and waited...
and waited..
and she said...
For the 1st TIME in 43!! YEARS!!! We, the A.C.S TEAM!!! had ACTUALLY WON THE ROTARY ANNUAL DEBATE!!!

Kolamthon!!!!!!!! The Right Thing To DO !!!!!!!!!!!!

Original post : 31.08.07

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Lately, there has been intense criticism about a recent attempt by SMK Methodist A.C.S Ipoh to enter the Malaysia Book of Records by conducting a very ambitious but successful project to make the Largest Kolam in Malaysia. There have been many claims where people have jealously stated that the entire project was purely aimed at glory. Although that might be a minor component, I dare say, in the name of truth and honesty, that this is blasphemous.

The main aim of this record attempt, is to give, us humble students the rare opportunity to pave our names on behalf of a glorious educational institution, to be remembered by history as men and women, or rather boys and girls, who poured their hearts, soul and sweat accompanied by indefinite dedication to achieve excellence on the face of Malaysia in conjunction with its Golden Jubilee Year. This noble cause cannot be questioned without relevant or reasonable evidence like of which has been done so far. Firstly, let’s face the truth! We have all gone through various “Jogathons”, “Dogathons’ and God knows what else, but have been quick to realise that these frail attempts to raise money has failed miserably in the face of lack of devotion and participation from the students. Best case scenario, we make ten thousand ringgit. Something to be proud about? Well, after seeing the statistics that I am going to present to you, YOU will have a new definition of the phrase “ GOOD RESPONSE”. The cost of the Massive KOLAM that we did was an enormous RM 20,000. But this amount money is easily shamed when compared to the amount of money that we have collected. Before I state that amount, I would like to mention, that our beloved school is not supported by the government financially and due to its colossal size, maintenance of the facilities is extremely cost- “unfriendly” so to speak. Back to the point, with the co-operation of more than 1500 students, we managed to collect a mammoth 140,000 ringgit. This makes our profit to RM 120,000. Has any school so far beaten this achievement ? As, far as I know , NO!! The money gained will only be used to create a conducive environment for the many, education driven students of our school.

Having said all that, every claim that has been made till this very minute can be easily stumped with one single statement. “ How many, 13, 14, or even 15 year olds can get an official declaration from The Malaysian Book Of Records that he or she is a National Record Holder? In my humble opinion..... NOT A LOT!!!

The Puppet Master ; ACSian!!!!!!!!!!

Are we being oppressed or are we just plain darn lucky?

Original Post : 04.08.07

It is inevitably true that every student in Malaysia has faced and in the upcoming future, will continue to face various trials and tribulations throughout his or her life as a student. Some of the hurdles we struggle through are tougher than most and bring out certain parts of us that we never knew existed in the first place, may it be a part that is emotionally distressed or the one that propels our potential even further.

Over the years of rapid globalization and decreased economical demographics, the students of Malaysia have experienced increasing amounts of financial and social comforts to an extent, that most of the times it is regarded as being spoiled or pampered. And yet, we being the ungrateful teenagers we are, find the abominable bravery and the eccentric essence of radicalism in us to complain and discriminate the way our lives have turned out, often putting the burden of fault on the government and our national education system. Well my fellow friends, I, representing a small yet slowly expanding group of patriotic teenagers would like to boldly state that we are truly on the wrong.

It may seem difficult to admit it now , but time with its mystical capabilities in bringing to light undeniable truths will surely, without fail, unveil the amount of gratitude that we, the young generation of this country actually owe to this majestic and generous nation we so proudly call Malaysia. We have been given the priceless opportunity to obtain quality education through prospects of academic and co-curricular success, the freedom to socialize and be gregarious with those we grow fond of, to have the gift of knowledge and philosophy passed down to us by highly qualified scholars and never-tiring lecturers, and last but not least, to enjoy the many splendors of living in a modern and multi-ethnic society which is unique from almost every aspect of life especially through cultural diversity.

And so I say my fellow students, the time has come for us to stop whining and complaining about the minor miseries that we are destined to face which are dwarfed in comparison to those experience by youths in more unfortunate countries and to finally buck up, and exercise our right which is to bask in the glory that is “MALAYSIA”.

Sensitivity!!!! A Presumed Flaw Among Adults , but a Necessity Among Teens!

Original Post : 29.07.2007

"Sensitivity". It's a rare asset among men today and is constantly yearned for by women regardless of the condition of their raging hormones. To most straight forward and objective minded people like myself, it has been a flaw that had to be avoided at all costs as it blinds your intellectual perspective on something and leads to various mishaps and lack of efficiency. Nevertheless, we cannot deny its importance in maintaining a conducive and conflict free relationship of any type whether it is to maintain peace in the family or to sustain the romantic essence of love in a boy - girl relationship.

Unfortunately, recently I have come to light that after struggling through various hardships and trials and swimming through infinite waves of hostile criticism to get to where I am today, I, a once heart bearing person has had his monument of sensitivity brought to rubble without notice. At first I was oblivious of the reasons for this, until i finally understood that my everyday routines required insensitivity and a cold-heart. Over a period of time I had failed to realize that this unusual skill that i have harboured to use only under certain situations was becoming a habit in daily life. Due to a string of sudden, strange and enlightening events , I have been displayed to the eyes of some new companions as a large slab of rock which speaks too much of the raw and painful truth.

Holding on to this statement, I would like to convey my sincerest apologies to those whose feelings that I might have regretfully hurt in the past. I vow to make the deepest attempts possible to shadow my knack for being a tad bit rude.

Krizun Loganathan a.k.a KrizTheWizKid

Damned Irrational Exams!!!!

Original post : 08.07.2007

Being a secondary student in Malaysia can be difficult. It is true that along the way, we make many new friends, gain weird and precious experiences and enjoy the minor splendors of life as a teenager but we are never given the opportunity to reap the full rewards of being a student. Take A.C.S for example now, the teachers informed us that there will be a monthly test held only 6 days before the actual thing.How irresponsible cna they get. IS it even possible to equip yourself with more than half the syllabus full of information to be projected during the exam in just 6 days adding the fact that its high time for society activities and the Open Day where parents will come to receive the report cards of their child was to be held on the same week. Not forgetting some of the unfortunately slow teachers who haven't taught us a thing this year but instead have been generous in sharing with us some Chinese words like " Ah Wong " and some personal political agenda's. Before I continue let me state that our K.H class is split into two groups each being taught by a separate teacher to increase a so called efficiency.

Coincidently, our the K.H teacher doesn't teach a single thing for 4, 130 minute classes and on the week before the exam, doesn't show up at all. The other group on the other hand enjoyed feasting on crucial knowledge conveniently harvested by their hard-working and dedicated teacher while we were left to fend for ourselves. Sitting on the bottom end of this scale I am beginning to second guess the capability of our education system to successfully carry and support our basic educational needs . If we 21 students are left handicapped and our grades drop significantly, who is is it that is going to defend us?!? NO MATTER what reasonable excuse that we may give to our friends and family, it will forever be in black and white or rather red, our disappointing results on the front page of our K.H exam paper!!!! This group of failing students including myself can actually be salvaged if the monthly test which even most teachers protest against is pushed forward but NOOOOO!!!!!! the demented and irrational minds of our school politicians refuse to mingle with reality. In my opinion, the more time given to the students to revise and learn, the better the value of an evaluation. Its no use rushing an exam just to see so many bright students under - perform as they we not given enough time!

As I am writing the FIRST of many entries to my blog, it's 1600 hours the day before the exam. I haven't completely prepared for any of the 11 subjects that we will be tested for in the next 4 days. As I am enraged, I subside from my urgent studying to write this diligently true experience for the rest of the world to see.