Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Damned Irrational Exams!!!!

Original post : 08.07.2007

Being a secondary student in Malaysia can be difficult. It is true that along the way, we make many new friends, gain weird and precious experiences and enjoy the minor splendors of life as a teenager but we are never given the opportunity to reap the full rewards of being a student. Take A.C.S for example now, the teachers informed us that there will be a monthly test held only 6 days before the actual thing.How irresponsible cna they get. IS it even possible to equip yourself with more than half the syllabus full of information to be projected during the exam in just 6 days adding the fact that its high time for society activities and the Open Day where parents will come to receive the report cards of their child was to be held on the same week. Not forgetting some of the unfortunately slow teachers who haven't taught us a thing this year but instead have been generous in sharing with us some Chinese words like " Ah Wong " and some personal political agenda's. Before I continue let me state that our K.H class is split into two groups each being taught by a separate teacher to increase a so called efficiency.

Coincidently, our the K.H teacher doesn't teach a single thing for 4, 130 minute classes and on the week before the exam, doesn't show up at all. The other group on the other hand enjoyed feasting on crucial knowledge conveniently harvested by their hard-working and dedicated teacher while we were left to fend for ourselves. Sitting on the bottom end of this scale I am beginning to second guess the capability of our education system to successfully carry and support our basic educational needs . If we 21 students are left handicapped and our grades drop significantly, who is is it that is going to defend us?!? NO MATTER what reasonable excuse that we may give to our friends and family, it will forever be in black and white or rather red, our disappointing results on the front page of our K.H exam paper!!!! This group of failing students including myself can actually be salvaged if the monthly test which even most teachers protest against is pushed forward but NOOOOO!!!!!! the demented and irrational minds of our school politicians refuse to mingle with reality. In my opinion, the more time given to the students to revise and learn, the better the value of an evaluation. Its no use rushing an exam just to see so many bright students under - perform as they we not given enough time!

As I am writing the FIRST of many entries to my blog, it's 1600 hours the day before the exam. I haven't completely prepared for any of the 11 subjects that we will be tested for in the next 4 days. As I am enraged, I subside from my urgent studying to write this diligently true experience for the rest of the world to see.