Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Kolamthon!!!!!!!! The Right Thing To DO !!!!!!!!!!!!

Original post : 31.08.07

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Lately, there has been intense criticism about a recent attempt by SMK Methodist A.C.S Ipoh to enter the Malaysia Book of Records by conducting a very ambitious but successful project to make the Largest Kolam in Malaysia. There have been many claims where people have jealously stated that the entire project was purely aimed at glory. Although that might be a minor component, I dare say, in the name of truth and honesty, that this is blasphemous.

The main aim of this record attempt, is to give, us humble students the rare opportunity to pave our names on behalf of a glorious educational institution, to be remembered by history as men and women, or rather boys and girls, who poured their hearts, soul and sweat accompanied by indefinite dedication to achieve excellence on the face of Malaysia in conjunction with its Golden Jubilee Year. This noble cause cannot be questioned without relevant or reasonable evidence like of which has been done so far. Firstly, let’s face the truth! We have all gone through various “Jogathons”, “Dogathons’ and God knows what else, but have been quick to realise that these frail attempts to raise money has failed miserably in the face of lack of devotion and participation from the students. Best case scenario, we make ten thousand ringgit. Something to be proud about? Well, after seeing the statistics that I am going to present to you, YOU will have a new definition of the phrase “ GOOD RESPONSE”. The cost of the Massive KOLAM that we did was an enormous RM 20,000. But this amount money is easily shamed when compared to the amount of money that we have collected. Before I state that amount, I would like to mention, that our beloved school is not supported by the government financially and due to its colossal size, maintenance of the facilities is extremely cost- “unfriendly” so to speak. Back to the point, with the co-operation of more than 1500 students, we managed to collect a mammoth 140,000 ringgit. This makes our profit to RM 120,000. Has any school so far beaten this achievement ? As, far as I know , NO!! The money gained will only be used to create a conducive environment for the many, education driven students of our school.

Having said all that, every claim that has been made till this very minute can be easily stumped with one single statement. “ How many, 13, 14, or even 15 year olds can get an official declaration from The Malaysian Book Of Records that he or she is a National Record Holder? In my humble opinion..... NOT A LOT!!!

The Puppet Master ; ACSian!!!!!!!!!!