Friday, April 11, 2008

4 A.M ?!?!?

Its FRIDAY!!! Yaaa...? NOT!! SIghzz...I look forward to most Fridays. I mean, the ever-nearing weekends, the simple knowledge that there is no school the day after, add-maths tuition in the afternoon...It's all very comforting..but today, it isn't.Simply because tomorrow, I have to wake up at 4!! a.m and be in school by 5!! a.m so my debate team and I, in addition of another student, can all carpool our way to SUNWAY college to attend a Public Speaking Workshop..SIGHZ!!

My mother is already pestering me to start sleeping early, but if I know myself well enough, I just cant sleep early, sometimes even if it's extremely late, and it's a school day, I still cant sleep..Maybe it's because I am always thinking about stuff, or maybe just because I have some kind of biological problem, but most probably it's because this tedious and nonsensical education system has permanently damaged my sleep CYCLE!!!

Nevertheless, tomorrow is SUNWAY day, and the Saturday after, I have to go there again for COMPETITION!! SIghzz..missing classes and stuff to attend this thing, but I know it's important for my TRAINING!!

Next round for my public speaking competition is Inter-Zone...Am i ready? I truly don't know, but based on my principles, you can never be ready enough..

Something extremely IRRITATING happened in school today..IT IS FRIDAY and the Juniors from the Junior English Language and Debating Society are supposed to come in for their first training session in public speaking..Nothing much, just some basic stuff like building guts to speak and stuff..PROBLEM IS..the lower secondary teacher COMPLETELY FORGOT and my and my training partner were left waiting FOR ONE DAMN HOUR!! Added to that, I ran like four times around the school to look for him and still couldn't find THAT MAN!! My entire school shirt was DRENCHED in sweat and my hair was messed-up!!

Sighzz...Long day, gonna be longer tomorrow as usual...
THats all for now..Ciaooozz...

KrizTheWizKid a.k.a SleepLateWakeUpEarly


*Reevnam* said...

Good blog!!!!!!!!!! Joking! Ipoh Mali gogogogo Ipoh keep growin' and never stop!