Thursday, April 10, 2008

Signature Hunts and History... =.=

SighzzzZZzz... Its Thursday...Yeah..The day that sounds the ugliest and is just as ugly in least in my life..

Honestly speaking, today has been a little less stressful then days before, but nevertheless demanding..Finally started my Signature HUNT for the Prefectorial BOard, reluctantly ofcourse. For those who want to know, I really dislike being pushed around and humiliated for filial reasons, and the PREFECTORIAL BOARD Signature Hunt is just that. Not just do they ask you to do the most ridiculous things, such as proposing marriage, dancing, singing, rapping songs, and so on...they also have the right to tear your Signature Hunt books to SHREDS!!

How nasty is that...Thats why I told myself, if it gets a little obnoxious, I will stop...TOday, a friend of mine actually had his Signature BOok torn..Now, to those who don't know, a signature hunt book takes A LOT OF TIME to prepare..
First, you need to make sure you separate all the EXCO's into a separate book
Second, you need to pain-stakingly ensure that all the names are SUPER-ACCURATE..meaning surname, grand-fathers name, pets name, ancestors name included...Lolx..Was joking after the "surname" part...

Anywayz, to have your book torn is like tearing hours of homework..because you have to sacrifice hours of homework to prepare the book..GET WHAT I MEAN!!

Fortunately, I managed to get 16 signatures so far F.O.C!!! Awesome!! But luck can only bring you so far... :-(

Today, went to History and BM tuition...Learned about Ancient Education systems among other stuff that BORES me to DEATH!! the only reason I survive history is because of my memory!!

Thats it for now I guess..still got tonnes of add-maths homework to finish....
Kudos for now..

KrizTheWizKid a.k.a ThePuppetMaster..Signing OUT! ;-)