Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sensitivity!!!! A Presumed Flaw Among Adults , but a Necessity Among Teens!

Original Post : 29.07.2007

"Sensitivity". It's a rare asset among men today and is constantly yearned for by women regardless of the condition of their raging hormones. To most straight forward and objective minded people like myself, it has been a flaw that had to be avoided at all costs as it blinds your intellectual perspective on something and leads to various mishaps and lack of efficiency. Nevertheless, we cannot deny its importance in maintaining a conducive and conflict free relationship of any type whether it is to maintain peace in the family or to sustain the romantic essence of love in a boy - girl relationship.

Unfortunately, recently I have come to light that after struggling through various hardships and trials and swimming through infinite waves of hostile criticism to get to where I am today, I, a once heart bearing person has had his monument of sensitivity brought to rubble without notice. At first I was oblivious of the reasons for this, until i finally understood that my everyday routines required insensitivity and a cold-heart. Over a period of time I had failed to realize that this unusual skill that i have harboured to use only under certain situations was becoming a habit in daily life. Due to a string of sudden, strange and enlightening events , I have been displayed to the eyes of some new companions as a large slab of rock which speaks too much of the raw and painful truth.

Holding on to this statement, I would like to convey my sincerest apologies to those whose feelings that I might have regretfully hurt in the past. I vow to make the deepest attempts possible to shadow my knack for being a tad bit rude.

Krizun Loganathan a.k.a KrizTheWizKid