Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Are we being oppressed or are we just plain darn lucky?

Original Post : 04.08.07

It is inevitably true that every student in Malaysia has faced and in the upcoming future, will continue to face various trials and tribulations throughout his or her life as a student. Some of the hurdles we struggle through are tougher than most and bring out certain parts of us that we never knew existed in the first place, may it be a part that is emotionally distressed or the one that propels our potential even further.

Over the years of rapid globalization and decreased economical demographics, the students of Malaysia have experienced increasing amounts of financial and social comforts to an extent, that most of the times it is regarded as being spoiled or pampered. And yet, we being the ungrateful teenagers we are, find the abominable bravery and the eccentric essence of radicalism in us to complain and discriminate the way our lives have turned out, often putting the burden of fault on the government and our national education system. Well my fellow friends, I, representing a small yet slowly expanding group of patriotic teenagers would like to boldly state that we are truly on the wrong.

It may seem difficult to admit it now , but time with its mystical capabilities in bringing to light undeniable truths will surely, without fail, unveil the amount of gratitude that we, the young generation of this country actually owe to this majestic and generous nation we so proudly call Malaysia. We have been given the priceless opportunity to obtain quality education through prospects of academic and co-curricular success, the freedom to socialize and be gregarious with those we grow fond of, to have the gift of knowledge and philosophy passed down to us by highly qualified scholars and never-tiring lecturers, and last but not least, to enjoy the many splendors of living in a modern and multi-ethnic society which is unique from almost every aspect of life especially through cultural diversity.

And so I say my fellow students, the time has come for us to stop whining and complaining about the minor miseries that we are destined to face which are dwarfed in comparison to those experience by youths in more unfortunate countries and to finally buck up, and exercise our right which is to bask in the glory that is “MALAYSIA”.